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Just completed the third book- A BRIDE REBORN  A four part romance:

Part I, where Elle, in 1454 as Annabelle Savoie finds the Sovereign, Lucien Vallianto a very powerful vampire swept up onto her beach in France. They fall in love, marry and he takes her and her brother Marcus Savoie back to his home, Villa Della Impavido, on the Island of Sardegna, Italy. Where Ella dies before the sovereign could save her. She came back 236 years later…..

Part II, Elle, in 1690 as Isabella Savoie, orphaned and living with her best friend Countess Hope De la Fontaine, she hands the Chateau de Savoie over to her great uncle Marcus Savoie. Elle goes back to the Chateau for help when Hope goes missing. While back at the Chateau she meets the Sovereign and falls hopelessly in love again. They get married and once again he takes her back to his villa, Elle finds Annabelle’s journal and learns of her life with the sovereign and her death. When the Sovereign plans to turn Elle into his queen he finds her blood poisoned and Isabella dies….. She came back 231 year later……

Part III in 1921 as Jezebel Savage a descendant of the Savoie family. When her uncle Philip Savoie dies in America, Elle come back to France to find her ancestral home,  Chateau de Savoie now in the hands of Marcus Savoie. Not believing he’s the original owner of the Chateau and not a great-great nephew, she does not trust what she finds out. She goes with her gut as many familiar circumstances and started to strongly believe in the word “déjà-vu.” Then the sovereign walks in, her world turns upside down. Finding both Annabelle and Isabella’s journals, she came upon a sinister plot preventing the Sovereign in having a queen. Jezebel and a few close friends she could trust, documented everything they could to find out who was responsible for the sovereigns brides murders. Knowing the dangers, Elle agreed to go to the villa and marry the sovereign, but this time she was prepared to die just to find the killer and now that everything was documented it paved the way for her next return……this time she came back 91 years later……

Part IV in 2012, Ellouise Conway accidentally fell into Marcus Savoie’s lap, quite literally. They became good friends until he found how she reminded him of his sister Annabelle, but with unique attributes. Elle finds in fact she was his reincarnated sister and the sovereign’s bride. She works with the coven and together they succeed in turning Elle as their queen.

Conclusion, Elle has to win the sovereigns love back, identify the murderer and accepting her future as a vampire without the one she loves more than life itself.  Does she finally succeed?…

Working on the Fourth Book – (Setting -my back yard – Maple Ridge)

photo taken from my deck of The Golden Ears

THE GOLDEN EYRIES VAMPIRES – Paige Thornton, an archaeologist, discovers bone fragments in a cave not far from her home town, thinking it belonged to a prehistoric man was quite surprised to find out by using carbon dating, these fragments came from something more resent and was not  fully human . Investigating this, she bumps into a security unit run by, Commander Conner Linwood, working for a large organisation where he and his four men were sent out on a secret mission. They agreed to help each other out in more ways than one as Sage uncovers a truth that puts her life in danger, and find their relationship builds into more than just a partnership.  – a work in progress so may be tweaked a little……Yes ! already changed the names since my last blog on anitaviljoen.blogspot.com


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 Finaly received my Author’s copy of Hybrid


Author Anita E Viljoen continues the McKay vampire saga in Hybrid, the sequel to her book Feeders.

Gemma Anne O’ Sullivan, also known as Gem, is the daughter of a human mother, Megan McKay, and a vampire father, Michael O Sullivan. She is a hybrid and the first female of her kind, a secret kept by the McKay council for two and a half decades. The reappearance of Sire Raymond Pitout in Canada threatens and compromises her secret, as the International Vampire Council sends out its head of security, Lord Malcolm Murphy (the first hybrid), to protect Gem and destroy Sire Pitout.

Malcolm finds things becoming complicated, especially when he falls in love with Gem. He meets Gem’s friend, Deidre Wolff, who turns out to be an alter-seer (an oracle/vampire hunter), and also her human sister, Grace O’ Sullivan, who has the same unique trait as her aunt, Mia O’ Sullivan, Michael’s twin sister. With all of these unique personalities under one roof, Malcolm has his work cut out for him.

Love, intrigue and suspense all combine into one riveting story. Hybrid is a “must read” for those who dare.

HYBRID (ISBN: 978-1-61204-894-9) will be available on December 1, 2011 for $18.75 and can be ordered through the publisher’s website:  http://sbpra.com/anitaeviljoen/


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